Welcome to the Faculty and Staff intranet (FSI) of the Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. You are required to login to access this application. Only UBC Faculty and staff members are allowed to authenticate. This site includes among other things:

Admissions Resources
  • Application system documentation and training
  • Admission pathways documentation
  • GPA calculations
International Student Evaluation Manual (IEM)

The Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies provides the International Evaluation Manual to help faculty and staff screen applicants for admission to graduate programs. The manual outlines, for each country and/or institution:

  • minimum admission requirements
  • names and descriptions of degrees (in original language where applicable)
  • common grading scale
  • list of recognized accredited institutions
  • minimum first-class requirements
Statistical Data
  • Analysis by source country
  • Financial support study
  • Outcome data
  • Mobility patterns
Recruitment Resources

Since 2006 the Faculty of Graduate Studies has been running an initiative to enhance the marketing of UBC Graduate Studies. The Graduate Recruitment Initiative (GRI) provides graduate programs with planning resources, logistical support and best strategies for graduate enrolment planning and student recruitment.

  • Recruitment framework to develop a program marketing plan
  • Recruitment services catalogue by G+PS
  • Degree program management
  • Supervisor recruitment management
Project Updates

Timely updates by various teams in G+PS, e.g. regarding admissions, communications, recruitment etc.

Other Features
  • Onboarding documentation for GA, GPO, etc.
  • Interactive discussion groups
  • Event calendar showing program support sessions